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EBS Diversified Solutions, Inc. is a new concept in business. We can reduce the cost of your business services by consolidating them into one provider. We call this the “One Stop Business” concept. Most businesses use one provider for accounting, bookkeeping and taxes, another for human resources (employee) issues such as hiring, promoting a work environment compliant with federal and state requirements, and another for providing benefit packages for the owners and executives. EBS consolidates these services which not only makes them more affordable but also makes them more efficient.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

The key to the success of any business is having an information system that provides management with current and accurate financial data on which to base management decisions. Having a good system reduces the risk of federal and state audits. Today payroll systems are complicated, and rates/regulations change on a daily basis. Many businesses choose to contract their payroll services out and find it is less expensive and much easier to administer. EBS Diversified Solutions not only handles your business needs but also provides W2 and 1099’s at the end of the year for your employees or sub-contractors.

Tax Preparation

Making sure that all your tax-related items are accounted for is one of EBS’ specialties for your business and personal needs. EBS has a retired tax attorney that makes sure valuable tax deductions are not overlooked. EBS also prepares your important tax-related documents that make filing your business and personal tax returns a breeze. EBS has qualified personnel that prepare all tax returns, both personal and business, and strives to get you the best refund possible and helps minimize your tax liability. EBS is also equipped to handle IRS matters and filing of prior year amended tax returns.

Human Resources

Most employers would agree that hiring good employees, paying them fairly, and providing them adequate benefits certainly instills loyalty and reduces high turnover which often results in high unemployment rates and generally poor morale. EBS will act as your human resource contractor.  Our job is to ensure, first of all, that your business complies with all federal, state and local wage and hours laws as well as all employment discrimination laws. EBS recommends that every business have an employee handbook that clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and the employee. EBS knows through experience that having these handbooks available to your employees will save your business from expensive fines and penalties. EBS also provides representation at State or Federal EEOC hearings and unemployment hearings which is included in the fee. EBS personnel will sit down with your business representative and tailor a handbook which will define what you want your employees to know and what is expected of them. EBS can also assist your business with recruiting of new employees and if your business uses a testing procedure for promotions and/or advancement, we will make sure your business is in compliance under State and Federal discrimination laws.

Legal Documents & Notary Service

Professionally prepared legal documents are needed for many situations and having them done correctly is of utmost importance. Businesses need Board Minutes to document company decisions and large expenditures. When making a loan, merger, or sale of a business, legal paperwork is required.

Individuals also have many needs for legal documents. In the event of incapacitation, having a Durable Power of Attorney allows your designated agent to carry on your financial affairs. While many people do not want to think of their eventual demise, doing so can save their families time and money. Ideally, every person should at least have a Living Will and a Last Will to document their wishes. Other situations that may call for legal documents include divorce, child custody and probate.

Whatever the situation, you can count on EBS to meet all your legal document needs. And we have a Florida Notary Public on staff who can witness the signing of any document.

General Business Consultations

We are able to advise and make recommendations on business matters, such as

  • Salary and hourly pay plans
  • Benefit plans (401K, insurance, etc.)
  • Saving money on taxes
  • Starting a new Business or expansions
  • Small Business Administration loan applications
  • Responding to Federal, State, and Local government bids
  • Preparing successful bids